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Minds, a Blockchain based social network moves towards the Ethereum Blockchain


Minds, a social network based on the Blockchain has announced that it would be moving towards to the Ethereum network.

The startup was using the Rinkeby test network for around four months and now it would be migrating its platform to the Ethereum network. Mind would provide its users with an accessible and censorship-resistant social network and its planning to target users from authoritarian nations.

The Blockchain based social media company claims to have around 1.25 million registered users and around 75% of those users have earned tokens from its platform. A user can receive the platform tokens via an airdrop.

Bill Ottman, the CEO for the startup stated that their tech team has built a hybrid on-chain and off-chain model to ensure the platform can handle all the volumes the startup is seeing and also provide its users a good user experience. This hybrid on-chain and off-chain model would help Minds handle huge amounts volumes and can be done without congesting the Ethereum Blockchain.

A user can pay tokens to people who would want to see their posts, they can also earn the tokens by interacting with content. This earning and paying of tokens would require a model that is scalable and that could handle large volumes. The hybrid on-chain and off-chain model would be suitable for the startup.

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