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Nvidia launches new series of GPU Cards which would not be suitable for miners  


Earlier this week, Nvidia, a GPU giant based out of Santa Clara, California unveiled its new GeForce RTX™ 2000 series of graphics card. This announcement right after Nvidia sees a 40% rise in sales from the previous quarter.

The hardware giant launched 3 new GPUs in the new GeForce RTX™ 2000 series: RTX 2080, RTX 2080 TI and RTX 2070. These new cards are six times better than the previous generation and come with Nvidia Turing™ architecture.  

The company launched this new series to push artificial intelligence, real-time ray tracing, and programmable shading to a very high level and all these techniques are used in the gaming industry.

This new series is very interesting to the gaming industry but not suitable and appealing to cryptocurrency miners. These new cards would deliver 25 to 35 percent more hash power but at price of 50% more than the previous generation it would not be feasible to the miners and most of them would not upgrade at this point.

The price for the RTX 2080 Ti is $1,199  which is far more expensive than its predecessor GTX 1080 Ti which retails at around $599 at the time of writing this article.

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