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ConsenSys To Offer Ethereum community $500,000 In Grants To Fund Ethereum Infrastructure Projects


The Chief Marketing Officer of Consensys, Amanda Gutterman, revealed recently through his twitter handle that, The Company has announced a grant program at Devcon4. The announcement which was made public by Joseph Lubin included that projects developing within the Ethereum ecosystem which focuses on some specific aspects of the industry will be rewarded with $500,000. Such aspects include infrastructure, interoperability, usability, research and more. Gutterman’s Tweet read:

“The @ConsenSys Grant Program was announced this morning at #Devcon4 by @ethereumJoseph! We will award $500,000 to projects in the #Ethereum space who are focusing on infrastructure, research, interoperability, usability, and developer tools.”

Earlier this year, the Co-founder of Ethereum and the CEO of ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin, stated in a conference that the company was originated on the idea that products should be built at the application layer. Also, in respect to the location of the company, he said that, situating the business in the USA was a decision surrounded with much nervousness and led to the establishment of ConsenSys in Switzerland.

According to Lubin, “Applicants will have the opportunity to apply under categories, which will be determined by the wider Ethereum community in an effort to support decentralized decision making,” the company said. “For now, ConsenSys will support projects that focus on infrastructure, research, user experience, design, interoperability and developer tools.”

Metamask which is a tool created by ConsensSys is one of the most widely used ethereum based dApps. It allows users to run an ethereum wallet on browsers instead of running full Ethereum nodes. Regarding this, Lubin had also stated that lack of infrastructure was the inspiration for the company to build their own developer tools. The ConsensSys Academy was mentioned to be another example of such a creation.

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