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Coinzilla’s CEO his Team is his Source of Motivation

Coinzilla’s CEO his Team is his Source of Motivation

Coinzilla is dubbed the leading cryptocurrency advertising agency that help crypto businesses reach its true potential by offering services aimed at getting more online exposure and improving the services in question on all fronts.

Having monetized more than 500 crypto-related websites, over 100 ICOs promoted, and almost the same number of crypto projects officially promoted, Coinzilla managed to thrive only through constant evolution.

The company was started just two years ago when two enthusiastic and result oriented computer science students, Alex and Stefan, decided to invest all of their time, money, energy, and faith in something that could make both the crypto community and the blockchain tech a lot better.

With their mission’s goal always in sight, the two were determined to show the world that it’s possible to create a crypto advertising network with high-quality services comparable to that of the big players within the industry, Alex revealed.

“We will also introduce the native banner advertising, so this means that banners will take the placement body, to look more natural. We foresee that native advertising will boost the conversion rate with at least 35%. Also, we will include new payment methods, SEPA & SWIFT money transfers. Some users requested APIs and, because we love to help our users, there will be multiple APIs available, including for campaign design, optimization and stats. Now we are developing our white labeling service, and we hope that it will be available in November when we will celebrate two years of Coinzilla!” Alex said.

The famous crypto advertising company is now set to introduce new tools, as well as improve the overall user experience in the following period. The company is expecting that various new automated targeting methods (for devices and countries), new capping options, and new stats will be available around November.

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