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2019 will be the Ultimate Year For Crypto Mass Adoption says Binance CEO

As we’ve all seen, the crypto market is currently going through thunderbolt, but there is no secret that a lot has been achieved this year. We have seen lots of developments with the main aim of boosting the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Companies like Ripple and Tron Foundation have been busy all year to bring their native cryptos closer to the people. Also, Cryptocurrency exchanges on the other hand, have done their part. According to Changpeng Zhao the founder and CEO of Binance, these efforts are being trickled down to bring good tidings in 2019. In his own view, 2019 will be the year cryptos finally achieve true mass adoption.

Binance is undoubtedly one of the largest exchanges in the world, and that puts the exchange in the spotlight because it is a huge player in the overall growth of the market ecosystem. Zhao said that the company is still working to make the exchange better and cover the full spectrum of the industry. He went on to elaborate that Binance already has some tricks up its sleeve in that quest. The traditional market has been overtaken by the likes of crypto exchanges. In Zhao’s opinion, the fact that exchanges have taken back the top spot makes the future brighter, adding that crypto exchanges are already setting up the ecosystem of the future.

When sharing his thoughts about the overall market situation of 2018, Zhao expressed his satisfaction with the market performance this year, saying that 2018 is basically the “build year” – a challenging period to prepare the market for future growth. He confessed that had the bear market not happened, even large exchanges like Binance would have found it really hard to handle the resultant inflated trading volume driven by a bullish market. Speaking of the future, he said that significant institutional funds are likely to flow in from the US, despite Europe enjoying a faster rate of crypto adoption.

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