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NYCEDC Opens Blockchain Education Center

NYCEDC Opens Blockchain Education Center

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) recently announced its partnership
with venture capital fund Future\Perfect Labs and trade organization Global Blockchain Business Council
to help in launching the NYC Blockchain Center. The center, which officially opened on January 10, will
act as both an education resource center and a meeting location for "investors, innovators, and
academia alike to advance a shared dialogue around how New York can foster a regulatory environment
that will support both consumer safety and innovation in blockchain."

The NYCEDC, which is a non-profit corporation that works to promote economic growth all over New
York City, has in its plans make the new center provide educational opportunities for developers and the
general public. The vice president of creative and applied tech at the NYCEDC, Karen Bhatia emphasized
the role of the center in fostering creativity and communication between government leaders and
community members by holding open discussions around regulations such as New York's BitLicense law.
She also noted that having a resource for the general public to learn about blockchain technology is a
necessity for mass adoption.

NYCEDC has partnered with SecondMuse this year to "leverage the program to foster the development
of blockchain solutions that improve efficiency, transparency, and security of public sector services and
systems." The event will entail a workshop series to identify the challenge areas, which the NYCEDC
hopes will "ensure that NYC BigApps participants will create solutions rooted in real-world problems
that impact the way New Yorkers live, work, and play."

The grand opening of the NYC Blockchain Center comes just a few weeks after "The Digital Currency
Study Bill" was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The panel will be responsible for studying how to
regulate, define, and use cryptocurrencies, and will also submit reports on crypto and blockchain
technology by December 15, 2020.

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