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IBM Launches its Blockchain Platform on Cloud Service in Melbourne


IBM Launches its Blockchain Platform on Cloud Service in Melbourne

The IBM has recently released its blockchain main net out of its Melbourne data center in Australia. This is aimed towards allowing their customers to run their applications on the company’s cloud.

The IBM Blockchain platform was built on the Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger is a project which aims to improve all form of blockchain technologies that is been hosted by the Linux Foundation.

The head of blockchain for IBM in Australia and New Zealand, Rupert Colchester, said a Sydney-based IBM data center is set to open at the end of March, joining the other centers in Tokyo, London, Dallas, São Paulo, and Toronto and this second center would make the technology more widely available and provide a redundancy.

Furthermore, through the establishment of physical infrastructure, customer data will not need to cross borders, and would provide security for regulated applications in government and financial services. Colchester said, “Customers who are deploying blockchain applications have reached a maturity of projects that requires the data to be stored in Australia.”

Colchester said further that blockchain technology is widely applied and is “pretty much active” across all industries in Australia. He said, “I do very few education sessions nowadays, but there is a lot of discussion whereby clients are trying to understand how best they can apply it to the business problems they have.”

IBM has been actively expanding its use of blockchain technology. On Jan 31, IBM completed a blockchain-based trial in which it shipped 108,000 mandarin oranges from China to Singapore. The technology purportedly reduced paperwork handling and costs for the shipment.

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