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Pepsi Blockchain Ad Campaign Proves Successful

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Pepsi Blockchain Ad Campaign Proves Successful

An ad-campaign powered by blockchain for PepsiCo has proven to have increased efficiency by 28%.
The test-ad came from the media agency, Mindshare. The experience was part of a project dubbed, Project Proton. The aim of the project is to use “smart contracts” that allow for businesses to only pay for authentic and brand safe ad impression free from ad fraud. It was hoped that the campaign could help stretch advertising budgets and improve transparency.

As it turns out, it was a success with the claim being made following the test, which took place over March in Asia Pacific region, there was a 28% increase in efficiency in terms of the cost for viewable impressions. Unsurprisingly as a result of the test, PepsiCo are now looking into conducting further test campaigns to see if blockchain technology will prove to be a consistent money-spinner for their advertising campaigns.

Speaking about the result of the test, Director of Consumer Engagement for PepsiCo in the area, Farida Shakhshir, explained, “We are happy to be partnering with Mindshare to test the application and value add of blockchain in media. It is key that we stay abreast of new technologies, and continue to advance transparency, viewability, brand safety and buying efficiency. The results are encouraging, and we plan to run a few more campaigns under different conditions to verify more hypotheses and measure overall impact.”

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