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Jim Rogers Supports Bitcoin, But Wary of Government Control

James Jim Rogers

James “Jim” Beeland Rogers, Jr. has confirmed his support for Bitcoin or BTC this week. The prominent investor shared his views about the world-famous cryptocurrency during an interview with finance channel Real Vision. Rogers remarked that he wished he had purchased Bitcoin years ago.

He affirmed that he regrets his decision not to invest in the famous cryptocurrency. We find Mr. Rogers’s statement worth noting. After all, he is among the well-known personalities who recently realized and got convinced that investing in Bitcoin is worthy. Rogers also said that he observed that plenty of the virtual currencies had already vanished. 

Moreover, he remarked that these already-inexistent cryptocurrencies’ trading prices have already gone to zero. The legendary investor affirmed that Bitcoin, however, is still famous today, based on the news posted online by finance, Bitcoin, and stock market news source Fintech Zoom.

Despite his latest declaration of support for Bitcoin, Rogers mentioned his concern about governments’ position on cryptocurrencies. He confirmed that he believes governments would not enable these digital assets to flourish if they thrive as a currency. In June 2020, Bitcoin-focused news outlet Bitcoin News reported that the veteran investor cautioned about governments halting cryptocurrencies’ preponderance while talking about Bitcoin being employed as money.

Rogers repeated this previous statement this week regarding governments possibly outlawing Bitcoin. He explained that it is innate in countries’ governing bodies to desire to keep their control over the nation. Rogers added that governments love their monopoly of power. Rogers is a co-founder of Soros Fund Management and Quantum Fund. He is the former business partner of billionaire investor George Soros. 

This year, Bitcoin’s price has increased at approximately 54 percent, 612 percent since 2020’s start, and 1,152 percent since 2019’s beginning. Plus, this 2021, Bitcoin’s price has exceeded previous all-time highs multiple times. At the time of writing, BTC’s market capitalization is more than $878 billion, and its trading price is $46,753.33, per the data posted on

Early this week, we shared the news about “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary changing his perspectives about Bitcoin and transforming himself into a believer. We observed that he and Mr. Rogers are in a similar boat. Both of them are wary of government regulation that could potentially impact cryptocurrency trading adversely. 

We are pleased that these two notable gentlemen have modified their stance. We certainly believe that, as time passes, an increasing number of prominent investors who once debunked Bitcoin would eventually change their tune. Bitcoin is, indeed, the future, and people – whether they are supporters of it or otherwise – should pay close attention and study it and other cryptocurrencies. We believe these digital assets are important in the future financial markets, and they will stay for good.

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