Chiliz Helps Manchester City FC Launch in Crypto World


Chiliz or $CHZ has collaborated with the Manchester City Football Club (Manchester City FC), assisting the English Premier League team in its latest launch into the cryptocurrency space. The sports blockchain platform introduced a fan token for the football team last week, with the official announcement on Friday, March 19. The name of the new digital currency is the Manchester City Fan Token ($CITY).

We are equally excited as Chiliz and the Manchester City FC with this development involving the new Manchester City Fan Token’s unveiling. This digital asset developed on the Chiliz blockchain makes the highly successful English football team more relevant and adjusted to contemporary times.

Based on the news posted online by American digital media startup Explica, the $CITY fan token will be available via sports-focused portal Manchester City FC fans coming from around the globe will get to utilize the newly-launched virtual assets to access games, VIP rewards, and voting rights in certain non-binding and binding club surveys on as well.

The British football team’s followers will relish promotions and augmented reality-enabled features. Alexandre Dreyfus expressed his delight with the latest development involving Manchester City FC. He described the team as the world’s most ingenious sports organization. The chief executive officer of and Chiliz remarked that his group is quite proud to have the Manchester City FC launch their first-ever fan token in the United Kingdom. 

Dreyfus said that they are even more thrilled with the other sports teams lined up. The Chiliz head also remarked that there is a global appeal for football fan tokens, considering that the Premier League sports teams possess massive international reach. Dreyfus affirmed that his crypto company is building a multi-billion-dollar digital asset ecosystem. He also shared that the more sports teams Chiliz have on board, the more teams can become innovative and creative internationally. 

Meanwhile, Stephan Cieplik has also spoken regarding the latest development involving the Manchester City FC and the newly-launched City fan token powered by Chiliz. He said that his group is excited to introduce the new Manchester City Fan Token. Cieplik cited that this development would provide their fans worldwide another chance to get even closer to the football club they love, per the report posted online by London business newspaper City A. M.

Additionally, he confirmed that the football club’s participants for its Cityzens membership are eligible to get a $CITY fan token free of charge. The City Football Group’s senior vice president of global partnerships sales relayed that these members will get to relish access to a full range of rewards and benefits. 

We want to extend our congratulations to the Chiliz and Manchester City Football Club’s executives. We believe that they truly care for their fans, who will get to enjoy VIP experiences, rewards, access to fantastic competitions, and digital experiences through the newly-launched fan token. 

Moreover, we believe that Chiliz, which is a digital currency for entertainment and sports, will gain more prominence for partnering with the world’s fifth most valuable football club of 2020 that competes in the highest stage of English football, the Premier League. As among the world’s top-35 cryptocurrencies, with a market capitalization of $3.1 billion at the time of writing, we believe that Chiliz will rise and succeed more. 

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