Wages, Other Perks of Working in Cryptocurrency Exchanges Revealed

Wages, Other Perks of Working in Cryptocurrency Exchanges Revealed

Working in cryptocurrency exchanges come with numerous benefits, according to Blind’s analysis. This professional social network company cited that the recent crash in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies’ trading values and the likelihood of crypto-asset industry regulation had not yet impacted the handsome total compensation packages cryptocurrency firms presently offer to their employees.


We are curious about the typical salary arrangement of employees working in cryptocurrency exchanges. We think our readers will also find this latest crypto-asset-related news interesting and possibly answering some of their queries. 


According to the news posted online by business and finance news outlet Forbes, the current talent demand for platforms related to Bitcoin, other digital assets, and non-fungible tokens or NFTs is blazingly hot. In the United States, a keyword search on LinkedIn’s job website for “crypto” yields 15,433 results at the time of writing. 


Moreover, there were 4,656 job listings for “Bitcoin” jobs and 6,381 for “NFTs.” Working in cryptocurrency exchanges involves highly competitive compensation, per Blind. Employees working at virtual currency and Bitcoin firms can reportedly earn more than US$1 million per year.


Blind’s self-reported salary data offered a view about how much employees working in a top cryptocurrency exchange remarked they earn in their organization. Technologists and software engineers have reported job offers as high as US$900,000 per year.


The almost-US$1-million pay package for a senior staff software engineer comprises stock-based compensation of US$450,000 annually. These professionals also receive cash bonuses ranging from 5 to 15 percent of an employee’s base salary, and they can easily command total compensation packages, earning more than US$1.5 million a year.


As for an infrastructure engineer, Blind’s information revealed that these employees who prefer working in cryptocurrency exchanges might earn US$672,550 per year, which is broken down by a base salary of US$237,000. These workers can also receive a cash bonus of roughly US$35,550 and stock-based compensation potentially worth US$400,000.


Besides providing the list of the high-paying jobs in the top-tier virtual asset-related firms, Blind indicated that the compensation for other professionals, executives, and managers working in cryptocurrency exchanges might escalate even higher.


The usual total compensation packages at Bitcoin and virtual currency exchanges typically offer workers restricted stock units, stock options, and equity, resulting in future windfalls if the crypto-asset company performs excellently. Blind also relayed that working in cryptocurrency exchanges comes with other attractive benefits.


Besides paying their competent staff higher wages, these virtual currency-related companies provide remote, hybrid, and flexible workstyles and free college tuition. Furthermore, employees enjoy one-on-one mentoring and sign-on bonuses, with some businesses offering crypto-asset and Bitcoin payments as sweeteners.


We find the benefits of working in cryptocurrency exchanges enticing. We believe these advantages can certainly lure talented professionals interested in getting hired by these modern financial companies in a heartbeat. 


Moreover, we believe cryptocurrencies are one of the methods for workers to get ahead financially. We think this fact is true, especially for those employees presently facing an alarming inflation rate raising the costs of everything, heavy college tuition debt payments, and exorbitant home prices and apartment rents.


Therefore, we encourage today’s jobseekers to try their luck working in cryptocurrency exchanges. If they believe they are qualified, we think they can relish the outcome of their decision, especially if they possess a long-term time horizon, are open to risk and volatility, and above all, ardently believe in cryptocurrencies’ future.

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