Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin Will Allow Instant Transactions

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust's Progmacoin Will Allow Instant Transactions

The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin is a new cryptocurrency that the Japanese bank will issue for trading purposes. This virtual asset is a stablecoin that will reportedly offer instant securities settlement starting next year.


We find this report about the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin quite relevant, and we believe our readers will also find it interesting to read. We understand that Mitsubishi UFJ Trust is Japan’s largest financial service provider by assets.


We think its latest digital currency-related project and its important effects on consumers are certainly worth closely monitoring. 


Based on the report posted online by, a news outlet delivering the latest international analysis and updates in financial technology, retail, payments, financial services, and the digital economy, the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin is an initiative of the bank whose umbrella organization is the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group or MUFG.


The latter is among the world’s biggest financial organizations. Additionally, the MUFG is listed in the New York, Nagoya, and Tokyo stock exchanges. 


Besides the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, this banking and finance group consists of MUFG Bank Limited, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings Company Limited, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Company Limited, and Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Company Limited.


The MUFG, a banking group with subsidiaries and offices across more than 50 countries, offers various financial services, such as commercial banking, leasing, trust banking, and asset management. Additionally, it provides its clients with consumer finance, securities, and credit cards and has the largest overseas network of any Japanese banking firm. 


The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin is reportedly going to be useful for digital securities’ settlements and clearing. This stablecoin’s feature of offering instant securities trades’ settlement will be possible via the use of blockchain for trading and a virtual currency for payment.


Moreover, the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin will be intended for the digital securities’ settlement on the SBI Group and SMBC digital securities exchange, which are expected to go live sometime this year. Mitsubishi UFJ Trust has signed a collaborative agreement with Daiwa Securities and SBI Group to drive blockchain-based securities’ utilization. 


As a stablecoin, the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin will be pegged to the Japanese yen under the revised Settlements and Payment System Act taking effect in 2023. We laud Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s new virtual asset project.


We think this leading financial service provider in Japan is properly adapting to the highly digitalized times when the finance sector is becoming more Internet-based and decreasingly manual in its operations. 


We believe the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust’s Progmacoin is a significant milestone in the financial company’s operations. In today’s increasingly digitalized era, we also think this stablecoin will help the Japanese bank become more relevant in the global finance scene.

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