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Barry Silbert Gives Cryptocurrency Investors Advice amid Meltdown

Billionaire cryptocurrency investor Barry Silbert offered some advice to his fellow investors last weekend. Find out more about his message here.

Barry Silbert wants to help cryptocurrency investors currently reeling from the contracting market. The Digital Currency Group’s chief executive officer and founder took to his official Twitter page last Saturday, May 14, to dispense his words of advice.

We think this cryptocurrency-related report about billionaire cryptocurrency investor Barry Silbert is helpful. After all, we believe our readers who invested in virtual currencies want some relief as the present market meltdown affects them.

According to the news posted online by financial markets news outlet MarketWatch, Silbert used his official Twitter account with the handle @BarrySilbert to speak to his Twitter followers, numbering more than 755,400 at the time of writing to calm them.

In his message, he affirmed that last week was rough for nearly everyone in the cryptocurrency space. Silbert also cited that he found it heartbreaking to discover suicide rumors.

This billionaire cryptocurrency investor empathized with his fellow investors by sharing his personal experiences. Silbert remarked that he had lost his entire savings in the dot-com bust and that such a devastating event is certainly unpleasant.

In his social media post, he told his Twitter followers that life goes on though despite the latest harrowing events. Moreover, Silbert remarked that those affected by the current market collapse would be able to figure out a method to save money to invest again.

He mentioned in his tweet that cryptocurrency investors would look back on the current market rout as an important lesson. The billionaire cryptocurrency investor concluded his message by advising his social media followers to take his advice as he had experienced the present happenings in the past.

Silbert’s Twitter post comes as this month’s cryptocurrency bloodbath’s affected virtual currency investors surfaced. Many of them shared their horrendous experiences on social media websites like Reddit.

These victims range from lowly retail investors who have poured their life savings into crypto-assets and billionaire cryptocurrency titans running major marketplaces like Binance and Coinbase.

One of the top social media posts on the Reddit forum for the Luna cryptocurrency indicated that the cryptocurrency investor lost more than US$450,000 and that they could not pay the bank.

Another message indicated that the virtual currency investor would lose their home soon and that they would become homeless. An appalling statement indicated that suicide is the only way out for them.

We want to thank Mr. Barry Silbert for his deep concern for cryptocurrency investors that the present market crash has impacted lately. We think his invaluable words of advice can help pacify virtual currency investors.

We agree that it is upsetting to find crypto-assets like Bitcoin greatly plummet in value. This flagship virtual currency trades at exactly US$30,910.98 at the time of writing per the trading price information posted on

Bitcoin’s trading price has slumped since November 2021. Additionally, the cryptocurrency sector’s best-known coin hit a 10-month low last week.

We recommend our readers take a deep breath, exhale, and trust Mr. Silbert’s advice. We believe this market bloodbath will end hopefully soon and that there is always “sunshine after the rain.”

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