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Finance Expert: More US Multinational Corporations Will Use Crypto

Finance Expert- More US Multinational Corporations Will Use Crypto

Christophe Lassuyt shared his perspectives regarding US multinational corporations and cryptocurrencies.

This finance expert, who is the co-founder and chief executive officer of financial tools provider Request Finance, believes more companies in the United States will adopt virtual currencies in the near term.

We find this informative article quite relevant as it features a finance specialist sharing his point of view about the future of cryptocurrencies.

We believe our readers will also learn substantially from this online discussion, so we are eagerly sharing it on our portal.

According to the update posted online by the New York City-based stock exchange, the Nasdaq Stock Market, which also delivers the latest stock market updates, data analysis reports, a general overview of the market landscape, and stock quotes and information, Lassuyt named some examples of US multinational corporations that have integrated virtual currencies in their operations.

They comprise AT&T, which collaborated with Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay to become the first-ever mobile carrier firm to provide its customers with a cryptocurrency payment choice in May 2019.

AT&T customers can enjoy the seamless process of settling their phone bills with Bitcoin. Moreover, Lassuyt cited that Microsoft is another US multinational corporation that adopted virtual currencies.

Like AT&T, this transnational technology corporation commenced engaging with Bitcoin as a new payment option in 2014 via an alliance with Bitpay, enabling users to buy applications and games for the Windows operating system, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

Besides using Bitcoin, Microsoft began experimenting with blockchain technology in recent years. This software giant launched Azure Blockchain Service in 2015.

This blockchain product is Microsoft’s first offering and is a managed cloud service facilitating easy blockchain application development, growth, and deployment. Lassuyt also elaborated on Starbucks as to have paved the way for mass cryptocurrency adoption.

He relayed that this United States-headquartered multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery lets its customers utilize cryptocurrency to pay for their coffee.

Starbucks partnered with cryptocurrency platform Bakkt in 2018 to permit its consumers to convert their virtual currencies into US dollars usable for paying for their orders at the store.

Besides AT&T, Microsoft, and Starbucks, Lassuyt mentioned other US multinational corporations that have adopted cryptocurrencies in their operations, such as PayPal and Burger King.

He pointed out that many other American transnational companies have used virtual currencies in recent years. The finance expert explained that more firms have begun to witness cryptocurrency’s advantages.

Hence, Lassuyt said the growing interest in virtual currency use would carry on being a reality, despite the market’s ups and downs, and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies will continue to rise.

We agree with Mr. Christophe Lassuyt about US multinational corporations increasingly incorporating cryptocurrency utilization in their operations.

We understand this trend of companies taking these crypto-assets mainstream confirms that many of them see crypto-asset use as beneficial and not totally speculative and deleterious as cryptocurrency skeptics have argued.

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