Kraken Official Lauds United Arab Emirates’ Crypto Facilities

Kraken Official Lauds United Arab Emirates' Crypto Facilities

Benjamin Ampen is the managing director of Kraken MENA, and his firm serves the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

He described the United Arab Emirates’ advantageous cryptocurrency landscape that has benefited his virtual currency exchange and the other related business establishments and enthusiasts in the region.

We find it interesting to learn about Mr. Benjamin Ampen’s viewpoints regarding the United Arab Emirates, cryptocurrency industry-wise. We believe our readers, who are cryptocurrency investors and aficionados, will also be interested in this report, so we are sharing it on our website.

Based on the news posted online by Middle East current affairs outlet, Ampen affirmed that the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the United Arab Emirates is expanding rapidly.

He also pointed out that the Middle Eastern country is emerging as the world’s international virtual currency center. Ampen cited that technological innovation, legislative action, and progressive regulatory reform have placed the United Arab Emirates in a robust position to lead in the crypto-asset market.

Additionally, this top official from Kraken MENA remarked that the Middle Eastern nation’s cryptocurrency strategy is compelling and ambitious but is progressing at a tremendous pace.

With these virtual currency business-friendly attributes of the United Arab Emirates, Ampen said they at Kraken desire to assist in increasing adoption, activity, investment flows, and awareness of the United Arab Emirates’ status as a fast-emerging global virtual currency marketplace.

He noted they are performing these actions via the first-ever step in the Middle Eastern region of letting investors access virtual currency trading directly in Emirati dirham.

Kraken MENA’s managing director confirmed that their group wants to be a trusted partner to the United Arab Emirates. Ampen pointed out that this latest development is a thrilling opportunity for Kraken to accelerate cryptocurrency utilization in a region he described as possessing high potential.

He relayed that they at Kraken strongly believe their proposition aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ national interests and can aid in supporting the Middle East’s vision.

Kraken is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. In April this year, it became the first-ever company to receive a full license to operate a regulated crypto-asset exchange platform in the Abu Dhabi Global Market or ADGM.

Furthermore, Kraken and RAKBank proclaimed last week that residents of the United Arab Emirates would soon be able to trade cryptocurrencies in Emirati dirham with their local bank accounts.

We find this report about the United Arab Emirates being a thriving and supportive nation for cryptocurrency businesses encouraging. We think this present reality will benefit the stakeholders, regardless of the greater cryptocurrency market experiencing meltdowns lately.

We want to congratulate the United Arab Emirates’ government for its achievement of being an international cryptocurrency-friendly hub. We believe this feat will greatly contribute to the nation’s further economic progress.

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