Arizona State University Receives First Cryptocurrency Gift

Arizona State University Receives First Cryptocurrency Gift

Arizona State University received a cryptocurrency gift worth US$300,000 from Balvi. The latter is a direct-giving and scientific investment fund that Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin established.

Based on Balvi’s website, this donor was established for the fast funds deployment to high-value coronavirus or COVID-19 initiatives that commercial and traditional institutional funding sources tend to overlook.

We are delighted to read this virtual currency-related news about the first-ever cryptocurrency gift donated to Arizona State University.

By sharing this report with our followers, we believe they will further discover crypto-assets’ usefulness.

According to the news posted online by multimedia news and information website ASU News, which delivers the latest updates on Arizona State University in the United States, the US$300,000-cryptocurrency gift will financially support Arizona State University’s Clean Indoor Air Project, which is a public health initiative.

Additionally, the latter is a project concentrating on improving access to portable indoor air cleaners, increasing awareness about indoor air quality’s significance, and assessing do-it-yourself or DIY air cleaners’ performance in under-ventilated K-12 classroom environments.

Arizona State University’s Clean Indoor Air Project has worked extensively to decelerate the COVID-19’s transmission.

This effort consists of testing and building 275 Corsi-Rosenthal or CR air filtration boxes used in 21 cities throughout the US state of Arizona.

Megan Jehn is an epidemiologist and an associate professor of global health at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. She leads Arizona State University’s Clean Indoor Air Project.

Jehn affirmed that the funds from Balvi’s cryptocurrency gift would be used immediately for her group’s initiative.

She also pointed out that the financial present is incredibly valuable to her team due to the fast-moving COVID-19 pandemic.

Jehn said the funds would permit them to study ingenious ideas to enhance indoor air quality to slow the serious disease’s spread.

Furthermore, the financing from Balvi’s cryptocurrency gift will support Arizona State University’s student interns.

It will aid in the K-12 lesson plan design, data tracking, and back the ongoing efforts to construct and deploy DIY air cleaners to communities in need.

We want to congratulate Balvi and Arizona State University. We think the first cryptocurrency gift donated to the latter will surely aid its clean air work initiative.

We also gathered that Arizona State University opened virtual currency as a gifting opportunity last November 2021.

This US higher education institution also offers many non-cash asset donating techniques, including life insurance, stocks, closely-held companies, real estate, fine art, and bonds.

These additional donation choices enable the university foundation to support the many methods donors want to give.

We believe more companies and entities will feel encouraged to donate cryptocurrency gifts in the coming years as these crypto-assets gain traction as a novel method for people to give back to their communities.

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