2 Asian Countries Hold Blockchain Conference and Seek Training

Asian Countries Hold Blockchain Conference and Seek Training

Philippines – Governor Joet Garcia from Bataan, Philippines, holds a two-day international Blockchain conference while businesses in Vietnam call for Blockchain training of IT specialists and students.

The governor expected huge opportunities in virtual technology with the First international Blockchain summit that lasted for two days. According to the governor, Blockchain technology would make way for the advertising of the virtual economy.

The governor was a popular modern tech user and advocate of cashless activities. He said that Bataan is prepared to e a lead in the sector in helping Blockchain technology. He also stated that the province was ready to host businesses engaged in this tech.

Resource speakers during the conference described Blockchain technology as the assembly that supplies transactional records of the public in some databases. The structure was called “the block,” while the database was called “the chain.” Peer-to-peer nodes link these two in a network.

Garcia witnessed the event as propitious to collect in a place the significant player in the ground to acquaint the public with how the evolving tech can approach new economic prospects and uplift the quality of life of people.

On another note, Vietnam’s expanding Blockchain sector urges the government and educational organizations to turn more awareness to the shortfall of talent. The members from this sector state that the country must address the lack of Blockchain training because the shortage of skilled personnel is becoming an international challenge.

Vietnam is one of many countries searching for developers, with the shortfall seen as a typical problem for nations like the US or the United States, India, and China. Business managers say Vietnam is the same as understaffed tech hubs regarding new tech.

The absence of skill is unavoidable internationally and in Vietnam, according to the CEO of Moonlab, Pham Van Huy. Moonlab is a company working on metaverse and Blockchain projects.

Huy also said that if Vietnam years to be a Blockchain talent hub, in terms of quality and quantity, it’s important to concentrate on training on all levels and begin a conversation about the tech between government authorities, managers, and business owners.

Huy also demanded that the country try to bring back Vietnamese specialists working outside the country or who were trained with career opportunities. The business executive highlighted the significance of international cooperation programs, as well.

Moonlab’s CEO thinks that successful businesses involving Blockchain have to organize Blockchain courses for IT students and internships to improve their knowledge and skills about Blockchain while presenting attractive compensation for those who meet their companies.

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