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FBI Warns Traders About Cryptocurrency Scams in the US

FBI warns cryptocurrency traders about the scams across America, especially the pig butchering method. Check out more about it here.

United States – The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation warns people about the “pig butchering” dilemma in America that causes a lot of dollars to victims.

A public affairs specialist, Frank Fisher, from the Albuquerque division stated that the “pig butchering problem is not about going at farms. He said the bureau was referring to cryptocurrency investment fraud that was taking over the US or the United States.

The term referred to an unwary target, which was the pig, and scammers are tricking the pig into forking over cash for a pledged high rate of return.

Scammers fatten up the target by making the victim think he or she’s investing in something. The victim will also think that their money will move when they invest in cryptocurrency. This statement was according to Jeff Rosen, a district attorney in Santa Clara County, California. Rosen manages a task force that fights tech-related crimes.

Once scammers fatten up the digital wallets of their targets, they will steal the money afterward.

Pig butchering may be a simple approach, but it can be dangerous. It starts with a rudimentary approach, as per Rosen. Criminals blast out a lot of unsolicited messages every day to unsuspecting targets through social media and text messages. These scammers will operate under a false identity, building relationships with the victims before they suggest to the victims invest in cryptocurrency.

One technique entails assuring a target that the criminal already made big incomes in cryptocurrency until the scammer persuades the victim. Targets who fall for the fraud will send more money, and there are even fictitious funding statements that make it look as if there’s a big return from their investment.

Rose stated that this is when the fattening up starts. When victims try to be suspicious, they contact the scammer until there’s no response from the supplier anymore. He also warned cryptocurrency traders to beware of the holidays since it’s a worthwhile time for scammers, who target people who might feel lonely. Since the approach is uncomplicated, Rosen states that the actual scamming procedures involved complex methods.

Psychologists trained these scammers to find out the best method to manipulate traders. They are dealing with criminals that will utilize various psychological techniques to make targets weak, so scammers can get their money.

The keys to protecting oneself against online scammers are diligence and awareness. Fisher warned everyone to be careful when they go on dating apps and social media platforms. When someone begins developing a relationship with a target, that’s the opportunity to lure the target to invest.

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