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Tron(TRX) gets listed on a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange  


Tron has been developing at a very fast pace and recently Changehero, a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange has listed TRX. Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation Tweeted the news that Tron(TRX) users can now exchange USD for TRX on ChangeHero’s platform.   

ChangeHero has been growing at a very fast pace and over 100 cryptocurrencies are listed on it and it also supports 9 languages. Tron is looking for fast transactions and good user experience for its user and ChangeHero is an ideal place for it.

As per industry experts, TRX on ChangeHero would bear fruits in the near future. ChangeHero has the best customer support system which would be an added benefit for TRX apart from the secure transfer facility.

Users can not only exchange their coins with other cryptocurrencies on the ChangeHero platform but also with USD and plans to introduce more trading pairs in the near future.

After Tron’s Mainnet and its migration from ERC20 network many cryptocurrency exchanges have been optimistic about Tron. Cryptocurrency exchanges like  Bittrex, Binance, and Bitfinex have support TRX after its migration to the new main net back in 21st June 2018. One of the major reason for Tron’s growth is long-term vision and ease of liquidity.

Tron has been added on Abra and the Tron foundation recently purchased the domain. TRX looks very attractive from where it stands right now to many cryptocurrency exchanges.  

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