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Crypto-Powered BitTorrent Token (BTT) and TRON (TRX) Support Faster Downloads

BitTorrent Token (BTT) is already the key to faster downloads, with the BitTorrent Speed program, a crypto-powered approach to peer-to-peer file sharing. BTT remains the most prominent TRON-based token, and the biggest project of TRON, which acquired the file sharing service last year.

Justin Sun, co-founder of TRON, pointed to the speed and convenience of BitTorrent Speed, a tool to speed up downloads, and also reward users with BTT.

BTT is one of the assets that will be distributed gradually over the years, through a series of airdrops, as well as through the BitTorrent ecosystem. BTT has currently released around 21% of its tokens on the market. Even if the full supply is in circulation, there is a limited amount of roughly 9,900 tokens for each BitTorrent user, by rough estimates. BTT has the appeal of one of the assets with the highest potential real-world adoption:

BTT market prices have slid a bit, trading at $0.0011, but also crashing to new lows against Bitcoin (BTC), to just 10 Satoshi. Despite the high-level publicity, BTT seems destined to be a low-priced asset, with a constantly increasing supply. However, more optimistic predictions see BTT climbing as high as the $0.01 level.

TRX market prices remain around $0.033, though burrowing to around 260 Satoshi, an 80% drop in BTC prices over the course of the past 18 months. TRX is also one of the assets awaiting an altcoin rally, though for now failing to command higher valuations. Still, the TRON project is one of the most prominent within the cryptocurrency space and innovations.

While the TRON network carries more than 3 million accounts, and the BitTorrent network is supposed to reach more than 100 million users, the activity on distributed apps is still relatively low. TRONBet, the leading betting dApp, attracts around 4,000 users per day.

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