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Omplix is a trading platform dedicated to a large audience of traders wanting an excellent user experience and access to some of the most popular and most traded crypto instruments in the world. The services are designed to offer crypto enthusiasts advanced technology and an intuitive interface, gaining the opportunity to expand one’s crypto expertise.

The brand strongly believes in the importance of providing knowledgeable guidance and that is why expert support is granted to all customers. A team of personal assistants is working hard to make sure that traders get answers to any trading-related questions in due time.

Omplix logo

It is also important to note that the Omplix ecosystem relies on 4 important pillars:

–          Advanced tools and efficiency

–          Personal customer support

–          Fast order execution

–          A variety of crypto assets

Ultimately, what Omplix wants to achieve is the security of funds, crypto trading on the go, and an environment where both beginners and experienced individuals can trade a broad range of cryptocurrencies.

Trading Platform

Omplix has come a long way but in the end, it manages to offer cutting-edge trading technologies integrated into a proprietary web-based solution. Advanced and user-friendly, the platform wants to please crypto enthusiasts all around the world and to serve as a secure and efficient tool for taking advantage of volatile conditions.

By adopting innovative tools to provide fast transaction execution, Omplix is making sure that finding and profiting from various trading opportunities is available for all retail traders.

Challenging market conditions are what made Omplix rely on a proprietary trading solution, instead of other existing platforms. A personalized experience should convince more traders to join, according to its vision, and that is why the platform integrates multiple tools such as advanced charts, live market news, asset alerts, risk management, and others.

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Omplix mobile trading

Because it is a very flexible platform, the Omplix solution is not limited to desktop usage. Traders can use it on a laptop and also on smartphones or tablets. Android or iOS, the operating system is not important, considering the platform will be accessed via the browser.

Omplix wants to be a partner you can fully rely on and its goal is to provide customers with cutting-edge, innovative tools to make their crypto journey easier to navigate. Thanks to mobile trading capabilities, traders can monitor markets on the go, and open trades when opportunity strikes.

We’ve managed to test the platform on a tablet and the performance is similar to the one observed on desktop. This means the solution does not use hardware resources, resulting in a lightweight, yet very efficient trading platform.

Cryptocurrency trading

The Omplix motto is “straight to crypto” and that means customers have the unique opportunity to get involved with tens of different popular cryptocurrencies. This is a trading platform specifically designed for those who want a trading account fully engaged in the cryptocurrency market.

Opportunities are endless, considering traders are exposed to Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Monero, Tron, Cardano, Neo, USDT, and other high-profile altcoins that have been extremely active, especially in 2020. Crypto seems to be a place of refuge for those wanting to protect themselves from the diminishing purchasing power of money and with the instruments offered by Omplix, short-term trading is enabled.

An Omplix account can be funded using cryptocurrency, a credit/debit card, or a wire transfer. There is a standard option available for all customers, so this means all will get access to the full trading offer, regardless of the initial deposit. At the same time, the verification process is mandatory, and clients need to submit several documents such as ID and proof of residence.

Omplix trading features

Providing valuable information for customers is also part of the brand’s mission. The Omplix blog covers various topics related to the crypto world. Traders can learn new strategies, find out about trending cryptos, or see how they can better protect a trading account. Combined with support from personal account assistants, there are enough incentives for those eager to constantly find new things.


Omplix wants to take advantage of the rising cryptocurrency market by attracting more retail traders interested in trading a variety of crypto instruments. The brand relies on strong security protocols, a team of personal assistants, and proprietary trading software, all in order to show that traders with different objectives can find what they need, all in one place.

With a focus solely on cryptocurrencies, it is a huge benefit for traders who would like to have a trading account just for crypto trading. For some, however, the lack of asset class diversity could be a downside. 

Omplix Review
Omplix Logo

Product Name: Omplix

Product Description: Omplix is a trading platform dedicated to a large audience of traders wanting an excellent user experience and access to some of the most popular and most traded crypto instruments in the world.

Brand: Omplix

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Omplix is a trading platform dedicated to a large audience of traders wanting an excellent user experience and access to some of the most popular and most traded crypto instruments in the world.



Strong security of funds

Crypto trading on the go

Support from personal account assistants


Omplix is focused solely on crypto

There are limited educational resources offered


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