Internet Computer Debuts Strong with US$45-B Market Cap

Internet Computer Debuts Strong with US$45-B Market Cap

Internet Computer’s developers launched the digital token last Monday, May 10. After this occasion, with a market value already reaching the neighborhood of US$45 billion, the fledgling virtual token has already become one of the largest digital currencies in the world.

We are glad to learn about Internet Computer’s entry into the cryptocurrency market. With the latest development involving it, we believe that Internet Computer is a digital asset that demonstrates plenty of promise.

Internet Computer’s trading price at the time of writing is US$387.66, per the information posted on Meanwhile, its current market capitalization is US$47.6 billion.

According to the report posted online by BloombergQuint, a website focused on delivering world news and reports about politics, business, economy, and markets, these numbers make Internet Computer the eighth-largest cryptocurrency among the top 10 digital assets in the rankings posted on

Internet Computer’s project token is Internet Computer Price or ICP. It got launched on several high-profile digital currency exchanges throughout last week’s course, including Coinbase, OKEx,, Huobi, Binance, and others.

Moreover, the Internet Computer token and its related virtual ledger are for aiding digital professionals like content creators and software developers publish anything they desire onto the Internet. They eliminate the necessity to go through digital behemoths such as Facebook and Amazon or utilize servers or commercial cloud services.

Dominic Williams shared that they want to employ Internet Computer in reducing costs. The project’s founder also remarked that they want to avoid corporate walled gardens. With Internet Computer’s debut, users can possibly build social media and other services that contend with the Internet giants.

Internet Computer’s underlying network utilizes smart contracts or software programs that execute tasks, contending with the likes of larger competitor Ethereum. This new cryptocurrency is joining plenty of other digital currencies and related networks, including Binance Coin and Polkadot, attempting to grab Ethereum’s luster.

We think that Internet Computer’s whopping US$45-billion market capitalization demonstrates that it is a promising virtual asset. Additionally, we think that its launching in the cryptocurrency world is just right as digital currencies are very popular nowadays.

Also, many coins’ trading prices are surging. At the time of writing, all cryptocurrencies’ total market value stands at US$2.48 trillion. This number is up from less than US$1 trillion at the onset of 2021.

We want to extend our felicitations to Internet Computer’s developers. We believe that their cryptocurrency can gain many investors considering its usage’s tremendous relevance in people’s lives today.

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