Cryptocurrency ATMs Are Mostly in US Locations – Coin ATM Radar

Cryptocurrency ATMs Are Mostly in US Locations – Coin ATM Radar

The United States tops the list of nations with cryptocurrency ATMs. This data is based on the information that Coin ATM Radar gathered.

The latter is an online portal that helps users search for cryptocurrency ATMs and avail of various cash-to-cryptocurrency services. We think this news is highly interesting and worth sharing with our readers.

It shows the country where there is increased demand for cryptocurrencies, even if the latter have not reached mainstream and 100-percent legal status yet. The United States has cryptocurrency ATMs in 21,161 locations, based on the report posted online by Bitcoin News, a website delivering the latest updates about Bitcoin, money, the world economy, exchange rates, and politics.

The North American nation is atop the list out of the 75 territories with virtual currency dispensers. Canada follows the United States with 1,698 sites, and then the United Kingdom on the third spot with 174 locations.

Coin ATM Radar’s information also affirmed that the number of cryptocurrency ATMs had exceeded 24,000 globally. The cryptocurrency ATM tracking portal presented that the total number of these machines located in 75 countries stands at 24,022 places at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Genesis Coin has produced 9,813 machines and tops the list of cryptocurrency ATM manufacturers. General Bytes comes second with 5,720.

Bitaccess has manufactured 2,766 digital currency ATMs, placing third on Coin ATM Radar’s list, and Coinsource follows it with 1,684 machines. A cryptocurrency ATM is a terminal that permits individuals to purchase different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

Buyers can avail of these crypto-assets using cash or bank cards like debit or credit cards. Additionally, cryptocurrency ATMs can look different from one another.

Some of them are installed into a wall or a stand, while others appear like typical ATMs. In late 2020, there were roughly 10,114 Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide, per Coin ATM Radar.

However, due to the convenience of using them, cryptocurrency ATMs’ number has continued to surge. These machines are highly popular in North America, with over 75 percent of these terminals based in the United States and Canada, while merely 2,000 are in Western Europe, per an October 2020 article posted on Entrepreneur.com.

We think that the United States, being the country with the highest number of locations with cryptocurrency ATMs, demonstrates how well-received Bitcoin and other crypto assets have become among American traders and investors. Bitcoin and the leading cryptocurrencies are increasingly getting accepted and supported by legitimate and major companies in the US Mainland.

Hence, we also believe that virtual currency dispensers increasing their presence in US locations and worldwide will carry on. We think this development will propel individual investors to buy and sell more virtual currencies using cryptocurrency ATMs as well, helping these crypto-assets achieve mainstream status sooner.

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