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Croatian Post Expands Cryptocurrency Trading Options

Croatian Post Expands Cryptocurrency Trading Options

The Croatian Post Incorporated has widened its cryptocurrency selling and purchasing options. This latest development comes as the Republic of Croatia’s national postal operator responds to the contemporary cashless era.

We selected to share this latest virtual currency-related report with our readers because we think the Croatian Post is among the increasing number of global firms recognizing the relevance and growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

According to the news posted online by Croatian news source Total Croatia News, the Croatian Post has issued an official statement last Friday, November 12. This government-owned business corporation founded in 1999 pointed out that virtual assets can now be sold or bought at over 50 selected post offices covering all Croatian counties.

Furthermore, the Croatian Post remarked that selected post offices had become central places for doing business with cryptocurrencies in many locations in Croatia with the launch of the new option to acquire and sell these digital assets. 

The establishment locally known as Hrvatska Pošta D.D. relayed via its official statement that the exchange of crypto-assets is performed in collaboration with the Croatian firm Electrocoin that successfully runs the service. The Croatian Post said that the post offices could presently do business with as many as 11 different virtual currencies.

They consist of Bitcoin, Stellar, USD Coin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. Other cryptocurrencies included are Ether, Dai, Kusama, Eos, Polkadot, and USDT or Tether.

The Croatian Post added that they had also launched the virtual currency purchase service in selected post offices around two years ago. It noted that Crypto Centre is fully available to customers. 

This special portal brings together all of the Croatian Post’s cryptocurrency products and services. Crypto Centre comprises details on buying and selling the customers’ desired cryptocurrency and an exchange rate list.

Plus, this website includes an interactive map consisting of the addresses of post offices throughout Croatia where the Croatian Post’s cryptocurrency service is accessible. 

The Croatian Post’s post offices form one of the retail networks and the widest services in Croatia. The Croatian Post also offers payment, digital TV, and retail services in the whole territory, apart from the postal services.

The Croatian Post’s post offices issue Croatia’s postage stamps as well. Additionally, the government-owned business firm is among the founders and a full member of the Association of European Public Postal Operators or PostEurop.

We believe the Croatian Post’s expansion of its virtual currency selling and buying options will help the local people easily access crypto-assets. We certainly find this latest news very welcoming as this European company exhibits its eagerness to adapt to the modern cashless times.

Furthermore, we think Croatians will benefit from cashless payment methods and become more knowledgeable about this financial technology gaining ground, thanks to the Croatian Post’s latest initiative.

We hope more companies worldwide like the Croatian Post will realize cryptocurrencies’ importance, especially those whose management is still skeptical about these crypto-assets. 

In this manner, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in business will become seamless, and finance will become more revolutionized, with better experiences awaiting the world’s consumers.

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