New Gemini Credit Card Offers Rewards, Seamless Crypto Use

New Gemini Credit Card Offers Rewards, Seamless Crypto Use

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Gemini announced the launch of its credit card with cryptocurrency rewards. This new financial instrument is available for consumers based in all 50 states of the United States, per the company that allows the purchase, sale, storage, and earning of cryptocurrencies.


We are glad to learn about the newly launched Gemini Credit Card that lets cardholders earn cryptocurrency rewards. We think our readers will also find this report interesting and informative, especially those who are credit card users and virtual currency enthusiasts.


Based on the report posted online by digital news source Bollyinside, WebBank is the issuer of the Gemini Credit Card that has received more than 500,000 sign-ups since launching the waitlist. The financial instrument employs Mastercard as its sole card network.


Pravjit Tiwana is the Chief Technology Officer or CTO of Gemini. He remarked that they developed the Gemini Credit Card in partnership with WebBank and Mastercard.


Tiwana affirmed that Gemini desires to offer consumers a simplified way to invest in cryptocurrencies without asking them to modify their daily behaviors. Gemini’s CTO added that users possess access to a single trusted platform to sell, buy, store, and earn real interest in cryptocurrencies with the Gemini Credit Card.


Gemini’s latest offering, which has zero foreign transaction and annual fees, also does not charge clients exchange fees to receive the cryptocurrency rewards. Additionally, credit cardholders can use it at any place where Mastercard is accepted.


They can select from more than 60 different cryptocurrencies for incentives on Gemini’s exchange platform. These virtual assets consist of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, and other tokens.


Furthermore, Gemini credit cardholders can earn up to 3 percent cryptocurrency back on dining; 2 percent cryptocurrency back on groceries; and 1 percent cryptocurrency back on everything else. The cryptocurrency rewards are paid into the cardholder’s Gemini account instantly.


Moreover, Gemini automatically converts the US-dollar value of the reward into the selected cryptocurrency when a cardholder makes a purchase. The virtual currency exchange platform then deposits it into the cardholder’s Gemini account.


This process happens as soon as the transaction gets approved for most merchant categories. Plus, Gemini credit cardholders can alter their selected cryptocurrency reward as often as they like, letting themselves earn a wide variety of cryptocurrencies over the course of every month.


We are glad to learn about the newly launched Gemini Credit Card. We gathered that it has many perks for consumers.


Besides the cryptocurrency rewards, the Gemini Credit Card is available in three hues, which are black, rose gold, and silver. It is secure without the sensitive 16-digit card number, which is only accessible to the cardholder via the Gemini web or mobile application.


We also learned that the Gemini Credit Card comes with other advanced security features like Price Protection, Zero Liability, and Mastercard ID Theft Protection. Finally, cardholders receive exclusive offers from Mastercard’s Priceless Experiences and select merchants like ShopRunner, DoorDash, Lyft, and HelloFresh.


We agree that the Gemini Credit Card is an alluring financial instrument. We suggest our readers who may feel interested have a look at it and see if it fits their lifestyles.

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