US Bitcoin Permabull Believes Token Will Eventually Reach US$250-K

US Bitcoin Permabull Believes Token Will Eventually Reach US$250-K

Bitcoin permabull Tim Draper expressed his upbeat perspective recently regarding the flagship cryptocurrency’s future direction, specifically its trading price. This American venture capitalist’s viewpoint comes as Bitcoin is among the many virtual assets the present cryptocurrency market meltdown has adversely affected.

We think our readers can feel encouraged by this cryptocurrency-related report about US Bitcoin permabull, Mr. Tim Draper. After all, this prominent supporter of the first-ever cryptocurrency exhibited that he continues to be a staunch virtual asset proponent despite the latest market crash.

Based on the update posted online by U.Today, a digital platform delivering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology reports, viewpoints, analysis, and interviews, Draper predicted that Bitcoin’s trading price could eventually reach US$250,000.

At the time of writing this news, the flagship cryptocurrency trades at exactly US$29,379.17. Draper has repeatedly announced his Bitcoin trading price forecast, believing it could happen by early 2023.

The famous venture capitalist, whose most prominent investments consist of Tesla, Twitter, Skype, SpaceX, Hotmail, Robinhood, Coinbase, and Baidu, received wide media coverage in July 2014.

This event happened during Draper’s purchase of seized Bitcoins at a US Marshals Service auction. The Bitcoin permabull acquired 30,000 units of the flagship crypto-asset at that time.

Furthermore, Draper accurately estimated then that, by 2018, Bitcoin would hit US$10,000. The Skype early investor had remarked that retailers will realize they can save 2 percent by honoring the flagship cryptocurrency instead of bank-issued credit cards.

He said this option could double retailer profits since these firms run on very thin margins. In 2020, Draper affirmed himself being a Bitcoin permabull when he said that he would make the first-ever virtual currency the United States’ official currency if he gets elected president.

Additionally, the venture capital investor and founder of Draper University, Draper Associates, and Draper Venture Network, predicted that there would be more female Bitcoin users. Draper shared this insight during his recent interview with popular crypto-asset trader Scott Melker.

He cited that all women in the United States will suddenly possess Bitcoin wallets and purchase products and services with the world-famous cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin permabull relayed that this trend would significantly grow Bitcoin’s userbase and push Bitcoin’s trading price significantly higher.

Cryptocurrency market analysts pointed out that Draper’s forecast is possible because women control approximately 51 percent of the wealth in the United States. We think Mr. Draper’s insights are possible.

We also believe Bitcoin’s trading price can reach greater heights, even this Bitcoin permabull’s US$250,000-prediction. After all, Mr. Draper is a seasoned investor and venture capitalist.

As such, he knows the financial markets quite well. We also gathered that this Bitcoin permabull has many thriving investments, and this reality makes us believe him and appreciate his perspectives more.

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