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Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance is at 53.8% while Ethereum (ETH) drops below 10%

Bitcoin dominance, according to is sitting right at 53.8% of all cryptocurrencies while Ethereum sees a drop to below 10% dominance. Ethereum has been above 10% for the past year and a half. The dip below 10% is a sign of the fall on dominance that was once above 19% in mid 2017.

The dominance of a coin is the value of the individual cryptocurrency’s total market value up against every other cryptocurrency and their total market value. Bitcoin is the large leader at almost 54% and a market cap of $112B, ETH 9.8% and a market cap of $20B, Ripple 9.1% with a market cap of $18B. Rounding out the top 5 is Bitcoin Cash with a total market cap of $7.6B and EOS with a total market cap of $4.8B.

How does the future look for cryptocurrency? That remains to be a great question. There are currently 2062 listed cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap. There are 15,293 markets and a total market cap of over $208B. The market appears to be stable which could be good news for investors in the near future.

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